Bryan Herta Rallysport Testing at The FIRM

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Bryan Herta Rallysport Testing at The FIRM

Patrik Sandell and the Bryan Herta Rallysport team have come to our facility to test out their new Redbull GRC cars. They are using brand new M-sport Ford Fiesta’s with all the bells and whistles. These rally cars are similar to the WRC versions with a few differences. First, these cars are more powerful because GRC rules allow for higher horsepower. Secondly, they are specially tuned to run in a short-track setup with a mix of dirt and asphalt. It is great to see these cars in action at our facility. Here are a couple quick videos of Patrik Sandell and Austin Dyne this week. There is plenty of turbo anti-lag, so turn up the volume.

  1. Austin-Dyne-Bryan-Herta-Rallysport
  2. Patrik-Sandell-Bryan-Herta-Rallysport

The Bryan Herta team is a professional rally team with goals to win the GRC championship at the top level. This not an easy task nowadays. The GRC is flooded with many big factory teams and one off cars. The Bryan Herta camp knows this and they are jumping in at full force to prove that they have the fastest drivers and the best team to back them. It has been a pleasure to host their test sessions here and we cannot wait to have them back.

The FIRM has become one of the most popular test tracks for GRC in the country. So far we have Subaru Rally Team USA and Bryan Herta Rallysport to come in and benefit from our facility. In these next few months, we will have more GRC teams testing here as well as other motorsport teams. They are coming to us for a reason. We have the best blend of asphalt track and dirt course around. If you would like to find out more on Track Rental and Testing then click here