Keystone Heights Airport

Keystone Heights Airport

The Keystone Heights Airport was constructed in 1942 as Crystal Lake Airfield and finally commissioned in December 1942 as Keystone Army Airfield. The City of Keystone Heights acquired the property from the federal government in 1947.

From its inception, various branches of the military have utilized the Keystone Heights Airport for training exercises. Today this continued military training use runs alongside commercial and general aviation use. The airport shares the North border with Camp Blanding’s Joint Training Center which is the primary military reservation and training base for the Florida National Guard. The airport has an active drop zone and aerobatic box, so on any given day you can see military airdrop training, exciting aerobatic maneuvers and a wide variety of private planes, jets and helicopters using this amazing airport facility.

The FIRM is located within the airport’s perimeter security fencing making us one of the most private and secure motorsports and military training facilities in North America.

With two runways of 5,044 and 4,899 feet, you can fly into the Keystone Heights Airport and we will pick you up for your class.

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You can also contact Maria Gall, Office Manager for the Keystone Height Airport, directly at (352)473-0031.