Open Track Day September 17th

The Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park is the premier action sports facility in Florida. We offer rally and road racing driver training, security and military tactical driver training, a full-service outdoor event facility and more.

Tarmac Attack 900 400 Pic

Open Track Day September 17th

Come join us!! We will have our monthly open track weekend event where you can drive your beloved sports car in its proper environment. Our 1.6-mile road course is a perfect track to open up your car in a fun but controlled environment. This is a track day for all cars but with the exception of convertibles. For a convertible, you can run the factory hard top. The day starts at 9 am and runs till 4 pm. The weather will be pleasant and you will have the time of your life here at The FIRM.

$250.00 Open Track Day!

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