Five Day Rally Driving Course

Five Day Rally Driving Course

This is a very advanced five day 2WD and 4WD rally course with a one to one student to instructor ratio. You start with the basics in 2WD rally cars, and advance to 300hp 4WD rally cars for the ultimate in rally driver training. This course is custom designed for any driver targeting professional rally racing. You get five full packed days at one of the most diverse and challenging rally training facilities in North America.

      • Five days of intense rally training
      • 1-to-1 instruction
      • Tarmac, gravel and dirt
      • 2WD Rally Car
      • 4WD Subaru STI Rally Car
      • Solo and skid pad car control techniques
      • Vision Management
      • Weight transfer and traction management
      • Hand-brake turns
      • Pendulum turns
      • 4-wheel drifts
      • Advanced car control skills
      • Sight line driving on our wooded rally stage
      • $5,700┬áper driver


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All vehicles you use at the RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM must be fully covered for damages or you must post a damage deposit as described in our Vehicle Damage Agreement.