RallyX at The FIRM Has a New Championship

We have decided to run a mini RallyX series during the cooler months of the year. We are almost done with our 100-degree temperatures and ready to go back racing. This championship will consist of six events, starting on May 28, 2015, and finishing up sometime in September 2016. All four events will be scored and trophies will be handed out at every event. Alongside of the trophies, each driver will receive championship points according to their finish placement. As a grand prize, A driver who has entered all the six events, and has the most points will receive a one-day, rally course instruction by The FIRM. So not only do you get to race in the best RallyX in the U.S. but you also get a shot at sharpening your rally skills for free. Whoever gets the grand prize will have greatly improved their driving skills at the end of this series.

The RallyX will be 70/30 off-road to tarmac and about 1.6 mile long for every lap. The course will have a good mix of high speed and technical corners throughout the course. Each driver will drive one lap at a time and receive a lap time after the lap has finished. This is very similar to a time trial or autocross event. The big difference with this is the fast speed, and drifts on the dirt that you will be executing. You could expect around 40 minutes of seat time. No other racing will give you this much fun racing and that much seat time. This rally racing series is going to be fun and action packed. Please be sure to visit our main RallyX page for more info. See you at the races.

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