Subaru Rally Team USA Testing at The FIRM

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Bucky And Sverre Shot

Subaru Rally Team USA Testing at The FIRM

This year we welcome Subaru Rally Team USA to our facility for some proper testing. The drivers and engineers have been working hard to get the cars dialed in for the upcoming events. Whatever changes the cars have gone through after last season must be thoroughly tested before they can race in 2015. This is professional racing and Team Subaru goes above and beyond went it comes to practice and readiness. We are proud to partner with Team Subaru Rally USA and look forward to future test sessions.

Sverre Isachsen, Bucky Lasek, and Travis Pastrana are the main drivers for team Subaru and they sure know how to test and practice. Over the testing period, there were nonstop test laps and tweaks till sundown. The new 2015 Imprezas look and sound amazing. This is going to be a great year not only for Subaru but everyone else involved. Stay tuned in for more updates on the pre-event testing for GRC.

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