Comments from satisfied customers of The FIRM.

Had a blast, corporate event, staff was outstanding and very courteous, I 'm a drag racer , and I learned a lot. 5 star all the wayChad H.
I am new to motorsports and I have been active in taking classes and participating in SCCA events. The FIRM has been the absolute best for me in terms of learning to be a better and more competitive driver. If you want details, read on: I have attended two days of rally driving training, and I have become a much better driver because of it. The instructor (Bryn) was great, and taught me not only how to drive, but about how to set up my rally and track car. We also discussed the philosophy of being a driver and how to think like one. Previously I could only learn these things on forums online, and even my previous 3 day racing class did not teach me any of this. Learning these "extras" helped me better understand what the heck I was doing to my rallycross car. I always started off on the rallycross course, but then Bryn would take me to the tarmac track or even to the stage rally course to hone skills that were deficient for me. That was very refreshing, since it means that even though I only signed up for a "rally" class they were willing to use all of their facilities to make me a more competent driver. They are located right by an airfield near US 301/Keystone Heights. You have to get past a gate and a rough road to enter the facility grounds. The staff and manager are very friendly and even accommodated me for a day of Saturday class because of my work schedule. They are responsive with responding to e-mails and phone calls, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I drove both the Ford Focus and the Fiesta. I did not request the AWD cars because my rallycross car is FWD. They have both available and I saw some Subarus, Evos, and NA Miatas in their lot. I believe they also have Lamborghinis for track days, but I'm sure they were in a covered garage somewhere. The whole time I was here I received 1:1 instruction and that has been key for me. Previously, I attended a 3 day racing school (which shall remain unnamed), but they did not give me 1:1 feedback and I did not end up learning very much despite spending several thousand dollars. I would say that the FIRM gives you the best for your money and time invested. If you are in the area and want to learn to be a better competitive driver, I highly suggest that you take a look at the FIRM.San Chang
I rented the road track to test my car and work on my skills. It is an amazing track for honing all skills and testing everything. The service was outstanding. Jim Watts
Had an amazing time! Can't wait to return for another event.Brandy Robinson
Went to open track day yesterday, had a blast and the staff is killer!Craig Herndon
Awesome racing facility! Arrive and drive your own sports or race car! Professional staff..racing schools and experiences are on one site! James Christman