Tarmac Attack Corvette

Track Attack at The FIRM April 18th

Get ready for an exciting day of racing at The FIRM. Track Attack is a festival of speed where you will be able to race on our 1.6-mile road course and a 1.2-mile rally cross course all in the same day. We would like to encourage drivers at all skill levels to come out and hone their skills on our two very challenging courses. The Facility will be open all day and you will be able to jump from rally to road course and vice versa if you wish.

The road course is a 1.6-mile professional race track with elevation changes and many challenging corners. The track has many fast straights and also some tight corners that will test your braking points and racing lines. The road course will not be run as a race and passing is not allowed. The drivers will be grouped in similar car types and skill levels to assure that everyone will get a clear track to race on.

The RallyX portion will be run as our regular RallyX Racing Series has run for the last two events. There is no change to the format. The only difference is that there will be cars on the road course at the same time as the rally event. The added bonus of this is that you can race on the road course and on the rally course in the same day. The timing and scoring will only be done for the RallyX drivers after lunch like normal.

For more information on the Track Attack event then click this link Track Attack