Dr. Dirty Racing @ The FIRM

Dr. Dirty Racing @ The FIRM May 14, 2016

This is a festival of speed where you will be able to race on our 1.6 mile road course, a rally cross course and a 1/8th mile drag race all in the same day. We would like to encourage drivers at all skill levels to come out and hone their skills on our three very challenging courses. The Facility will be open all day and you will be able to jump from rally to road course and vice versa if you wish.

The road course is a 1.6 mile professional race track with elevation changes and many challenging corners. The track has many fast straights and also some tight corners that will test your braking points and racing lines. The road course will not be run as a race and passing is not allowed. The drivers will be grouped in similar car types and skill levels to assure that everyone will get a clear track to race on.

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Track Attack Schedule for May 14, 2016

  • 7:30am gates open*
  • 8:00am – 9:00am vehicle tech
  • 9:00am mandatory drivers meeting
  • 3:00pm awards
  • 4:00pm event ends

*The schedule is subject to change. The FIRM may suspend or cancel operations if severe weather is in the area.

Full Track Map
Sample Vehicle Inspection Form

NOTE THAT A CLOSED FACE SA-2005 OR NEWER MOTORSPORTS HELMET IS REQUIRED FOR ALL ROAD COURSE DRIVERS. We do not allow SNELL, DOT or M-rated helmets and we do not provide loaner helmets. If you do not have a proper SA-2005 or later helmet you will not be allowed on track.

Planning Information

  • Entry is PER DRIVER, not per car. Each driver must register and pay individually. Pre-registration is strongly recommended.
  • cancellations are refunded by check in full less a $25 processing fee.
  • All drivers *MUST* attend the mandatory drivers meeting. If you fail to attend the drivers meeting, you may not be allowed on track. Drivers missing the driver’s meeting may be treated at “no shows”.
  • Drivers must wear helmet and seat belts at all times when on the track
  • A closed face SA-2005 or newer motorsports helmet is REQUIRED for all car drivers – no open faced helmets are allowed except in rally cars
  • Natural fiber long-sleeve shirt, long pants and closed toed shoes are required
  • CONVERTIBLES ARE NOT ALLOWED unless they have proper roll over protection (bar or cage)
  • Tech Inspection required by FIRM staff
  • The FIRM’s Track Policies must be adhered to at all times
  • Participants who do not attend the mandatory tech inspection and mandatory drivers/rider meeting may not be permitted on the track until they see the FIRM’s Event Manager
  • All drivers must be over 18 and have valid driver’s license
  • Drivers under 18 *may* be allowed on track if they hold a recognized competition license AND have a parent sign The FIRM’s parental liability and release waiver form
  • Good condition working seat belts or full safety harnesses are required
  • Fire suits are recommended for all race prepared cars
  • The paddock speed limit at The FIRM is 10 MPH
  • Both the driver and passenger windows must be down
  • Return to pit-out for tire inspection if you have put two or more wheels off course
  • If you drop two or more wheels off the course, go to the paddock for consultation. Repeated off course driving may end your day.
  • Track Days run rain or shine with no refunds*
  • Track Attack is for drivers of all experience levels. However, you may be required to purchase a minimum of one track day session with a FIRM instructor if you have no prior track day experience. More information on track day instruction sessions may be found here.
  • The FIRM reserves the right to refuse access to the track to anyone at anytime

Definition of Flags

  • Green: Your session has started
  • Checkered: Your session is over – finish this lap and return to the paddock
  • Yellow: Caution, slow down, no passing and be prepared to avoid track blockage
  • Red: Come to an immediate and safe stop
  • Black: Slow down, no passing – come to the paddock
  • Blue with yellow stripe: Check your mirrors – a faster car is about to pass you

Registration and payment

The registration is all done online and is really simple. Just follow the link at the bottom and you will be able to register and pay online.

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NOTE: You must contact your insurance provider to determine if your vehicle is covered while participating in any on-track activities here at The FIRM. Regardless of the status of your personal coverage, you are solely responsible for all physical damage to your vehicle or FIRM property regardless of the cause and regardless of the status of personal insurance coverage. The FIRM does not provide any damage insurance for your personal vehicle and will not be held responsible for any damage regardless of the cause, even if such damage is caused while your vehicle is being moved or towed by FIRM staff. Should you be contacted by another driver, that other driver is also not responsible for damage to your vehicle.