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Tactical driving

ISA Tactical Driving

ISA tactical driving trains high-speed vehicle dynamic skills for mission readiness across varying terrain capitalizing on rally driving techniques used by professional rally drivers. Rally driving occurs at high speeds, across varying surfaces, around obstacles and is timed. The number one cause of fatalities is vehicle control loss during surface transition changes at high speeds. ISA has the terrain and technical skill to train drivers how to properly manage surface changes and avoid fatalities. ISA training saves lives!

Rally High-Speed Multi-Surface

All rally stages and road courses can be run with any vehicle platform the training mission dictates; front or all-wheel drive rally cars, SUVs, up-armored Land Cruisers, low profile sedans, or ATVs and UTVs. This course incorporates 20 miles of configurable rally stages across a 1.6 mile curvy and technical race track. Units can train across dirt, lime rock, sand, tarmac, waterbeds, and dense forestry in the same training cycle, transitioning from loose surface to paved roadway and back to hard pack surface.

  • Lane Evasion & Decision-Making Drills
  • Proper Cornering Techniques
  • Serpentine Drills
  • Steering Wheel Management
  • Evasive Steering and Shuffle Steering
  • Brake & Evade Drills
  • Understeer/Oversteer – Lane Positioning – Skid Control

4 x 4 Off-Road

This course spans 420 acres of terrain with dirt, water, sand, mud, limerock, paved tarmac, and dense forestry. Courses are connected to our firing ranges, rally driving stages and our paved road courses allowing mission essential task lists to be completed expeditiously. Training iterations occur at high-speed with transitions across off-road, paved surfaces and into low-speed tank traps and uphill climbs. In our tactical training, we can also incorporate night vision and high-speed asset recovery while taking fire.

  • Vehicle Inspections for Off-Road Operations
  • Fundamental Principles of Off-Road Terrain Negotiation
  • Brake Throttle Modulation Drill
  • Approach & Departure Angles Exercise
  • Rock Climbing & Ground Guiding Exercise
  • Ascending & Descending Techniques
  • Tactical Off-Road Self-Recovery Techniques


ISA provides advanced PSD Motorcade training for low threat executive protection protocols to high threat PSD packages using up armored vehicles. ISA’s cadre has decades of mission experiences, in high threat theaters, from Baghdad, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Israel. Training makes maximum use of the vehicle as both a tool and as a weapon to protect the principal and complete the mission.

  • Vehicle dynamics – paved, unpaved and transitions.
  • Advanced traction control
  • Weight transfer – armored and unarmored vehicles
  • Threshold braking
  • Accident avoidance
  • Threat recognition,
  • Actions on contact and getting off the X
  • Ambush techniques
  • PIT and PIN maneuvers


ISA offers advanced “train-the-trainer” courses as well as customized military and tactical driving courses. ISA’s multiple tracks and courses range from 1 to 3 miles in length with up to 50 obstacles. Advanced training incorporates winching courses and deep water crossings with all types of surfaces and conditions. ISA uses Polaris military and commercial ATVs and UTVs.

  • Slope Maneuvers & Hill Climbs
  • Tight & Confined Tree Line Navigation
  • Cone Courses & Control
  • Cornering & Braking
  • Obstacles Courses
  • Deep Water Crossing
  • Winching & Recovery
  • Highly Technical Skills with Quick Reaction Time
  • Ultimate Equipment Control Management

Tactical driving | @The FIRM Rally School