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Team building experience

Team Building Experience

The Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park (The FIRM)

The FIRM at Keystone Heights Airport offers the ultimate, interactive, adrenaline pumping, and totally customizable team building experience. We train Tier-1 forces, so you can take the same skills we teach our elite forces, into the boardroom, to crush market obstacles. If you want to treat your top clients to a life-changing experience, or your top producers to a company event they are excited to attend, then choose your next team building experience now!

The FIRM Campus

  • 420 acre playground
  • Over 20 miles of configurable, paved, gravel and off-road courses
  • 1.6 mile road course with hairpin turns and esses
  • Six rally course stages creating 11 miles of challenges

  • Half-mile paved go-kart track
  • Shooting center with 6 gun ranges (pistol and carbine)
  • Safari and obstacle courses
  • Classroom and dining facilities

Team Building Events

Teams fall into ruts and lose their edge. Powerpoints and slides become mind-numbing. Want radical disruption in your organization? Plan your next board meeting, corporate event or customer appreciation social at The FIRM at Keystone Heights Airport. Our Team building events give practical application to core strategic skills like how to; follow detailed instructions, identify key strengths, synergize, react effectively under pressure, leadership development, find creative solutions to overcome market barriers, and finally how to win for your organization against your competition. Learn more about our facility rental and event planning here.

Relay Race

Nothing builds team spirit better than a great relay race. At The FIRM, we’ve added a few twists to this fun activity. After a few warm up laps, everyone will be assigned a role; change tires, work on pit stops, and switch with the current driver. The entire process is timed, so team members have to learn to switch off quickly in a variety of roles. The winner is the fastest team to finish their tasks. For the “Grand Finale”, each team member will choose the role they performed best, and will have a final face off.

This event helps teams identify key strengths, synergize in groups for best results, how to think fast, and work smart under pressure and build winning team strategies!

Blindfold Race

In the blindfold race, each team member will be assigned a specific role. Every group must work together in order to get their car across the finish line first. We blindfold the driver and the team is responsible for issuing instructions. For example, one team member will tell the driver when to turn right and when to brake, while another team member will instruct when to accelerate and turn left. Together, the team members must direct the blindfolded driver to successfully finish one lap!

The blindfold race is a great way to help team members learn how to be diverse; be able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure, pivot roles based on key strengths, build trust, and work together efficiently!

Treasure Hunt

Everybody loves an old-fashioned treasure hunt, especially when you throw motorsports into the mix! We will supply each team with an off-road vehicle and a clue to begin the scavenger hunt which takes place off-road. You’ll be zipping through trails, searching for the next clue, to solve the puzzle before the competition.

This exercise demonstrates how in the business world, we are often searching for clues to gain that competitive edge. We plan. We strategize. We search. We race around. We fail. We try again. We get lost. We find our way. We fail again. This is all part of the process to succeed. Don’t wait! Book your next team building experience today!


Go Karts are not only how many racers get started to learn car control, they are also super fun! In this team building activity we will give you instructions to follow that require team planning and coordination. This course is all about following detailed instructions, thinking strategically through order of operations and matching skill sets to job design in order to win!


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    Congratulations! You’re on your way to an amazing team building experience at The FIRM. Here’s what you need to know!

    All vehicles you use at the RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM must be fully covered for damages or you must post a damage deposit as described in our Vehicle Damage Agreement.

    If you have any special needs just let a team member know, we are here for you! Thank you for choosing the RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM.

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    Team building experience | @The FIRM Rally School