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Teen Safety Courses

RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM cares about the safety of your teen driver just as much as you do! In this course, you will get peace of mind that your teen will develop the confidence that comes with learning advanced driving skills from a RallyPro Performance Driving School instructor. This course offers 2:1 instruction on our private 1.6-mile track and skid pad, so your teen learns total vehicle control across multiple surfaces. Your 14-19 year old can learn to drive in preparation for their learners permit and/or to elevate their confidence and skills.

The most unique aspect of our course is the ability to offer real-world surface change challenges (going from asphalt to dirt and back again). Even experienced drivers over-correct, and spin out of control, as they are not properly trained on how to safely handle the weight transfer that happens when tires go off-road.

Our Teen Driving School is a lot of fun too! Since our facility spans 420 acres we have unlimited driving scenarios for students to learn. Once they learn how to shift gears, start, stop, and safely drive around cones, then we start to have a bit of fun with them. We throw distractions at them – literally! Here comes a flying rubber squirrel, and this all gives them real scenarios to pressure test how they would react, the correct way to react, and how to safely handle those crazy squirrels!

The best part of our Teen Driving Courses is that we personalize the entire curricula to meet the specific needs and skill set of your teen. Sign up now and find out why professional race drivers, special forces and people from all over the world learn top level driving skills from our instructors!

Skills To Master

  • Crisis Aversion
  • Defensive Driving
  • Vision Management
  • How To Safely Manage Surface Changes
  • How To Drive A Manual Car
  • Confidence & Improved Reflexes Under Pressure 

 National Stats

1. Distracted Driving
2. Speeding
3. Drunk Driving
4. Reckless Driving
5. Rain
6. Running Red Lights
7. Running Stop Signs
8. Teenage Drivers

Top 5 Reasons To Go Manual

  1. Absolute Control. Automatic cars can shift up at the wrong times.
  2. Avoid Distractions. Since your hands are busy, no temptation to text!
  3. Flexibility. You can hop in any car and feel confident.
  4. Save money. Less in initial costs, maintenance and repairs.
  5. Save on fuel costs.

Half Day Teen Driver Safety Course

  • 2: 1 Instruction
  • Increased Driver Confidence
  • Car Control
  • Vision Management
  • Weight Management Transfer
  • Manual Driving Skills
  • Car Control
  • Experience Off-Road Correction
  • Corner Turns
  • Navigate Obstacles
  • Test and Refine Reflexes
  • $350 per student


Student Information

Congratulations!  You’re on your way to an amazing day.  Here’s what you need to know!

Teen Safety Schedule

  • Weekend 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Weekday 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Please eat a good breakfast and arrive at 8:30 AM for sign in.  
  • Once you arrive at gate G-2, please use the phone by the gate to call the office, and so our team can buzz you in.
  • Please bring your driver’s license with you.
  • Be sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and closed-toed shoes. Racing suits are available if needed.
  • Personal helmets are allowed if they are an SA-2010 or newer, but use one of ours if you would like to have in-car communications with your instructor.
  • Our customers are welcome to make use of their own GoPro or similar equipment. We have camera mounts available if needed.
  • Snacks and drinks are for everyone.  Lunch is complimentary for full day courses and $15.00 for half day courses or guests if you wish to dine with us.
  • If you are attending any of our Off-Road or ATV/UTV courses, plan on bringing a change of shoes and clothes. You will get dirty.
  • While guests are welcome, please understand that they will not be able to ride or drive in any of the activities.
  • Our school vehicles are predominantly manual transmission equipped. If you are not able to use a manual, no problem! We will teach you how to drive a manual transmission car as part of the course.

The Action Package with Video includes 25-40 photos and GoPro in car video of your experience. Your Action Package will be sent to you on CD or jump drive following your course. The cost for the Action Package is only $99.00 for your first class day plus $75 for each additional day for multiple day courses.

We are located at Keystone Heights Airpark, just off FL100 about 4.5 miles north of Keystone Heights, Florida and about 8 miles south of Starke, Florida. Some GPS units have a hard time finding us, so here are some simple directions:

  1. From FL100, look for the white “Keystone Heights Airpark” and our black “FIRM/RallyPro/ISA sign at the intersection of FL100 and Airport Road (Some GPS units refer to Airport Road as 82nd Street)
  2. Turn onto Airport Road and go approximately 1/4 mile. Look for the black “FIRM/RallyPro/ISA sign on the right.
  3. Turn left at the FIRM sign and you will see an airport gate marked “G-2”.
  4. Call the main office at 352-473-2999 and we will open the gate for you.
  5. When the gate opens, pull forward and turn left onto a gravel road. Drive approximately 9/10ths of a mile and you will see our complex entry gate.
  6. Park in front of the white building with the FIRM/RallyPro/ISA signs on it.

All vehicles you use at the RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM must be fully covered for damages or you must post a damage deposit as described in our Vehicle Damage Agreement.

If you have any special needs just let a team member know, we are here for you!  Thank you for choosing the RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM.