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Tactical training

Tactical Training

ISA provides tactical firearms training and has six firearm ranges which can be accessed from our road course and rally stages to allow engaging 360-degree targets from vehicle platforms. The ISA campus adjoins US Army 20th Special Forces Group at Camp Blanding which has an extensive firearms range system with a modern IED detection course. ISA instructors are highly trained in advanced firearm instruction using multiple weapon systems, close quarters combat (CQC), and armored protection systems. ISA tactical training provides complex training iterations to prepare teams for mission training objectives.

360 Firing Range With Rollover Vehicle Simulator

ISA offers a full range of mobility and tactical firearms training; from stationary shooting to a full scale rollover simulator. The dynamic range allows for unlimited tactical scenarios including a stationary vehicle, with a removable windshield, to prepare units for scenario-based training.

ISA has multiple ranges a 25m, 50m, 100m, 400m, and a 360-degree live fire range – all of which can support 10 firers at once. Our ranges are accessible from our driving courses and road track for scenarios that involve live fire exercises from vehicles as well as simunitions based training.

Teams can engage 360-degree targets from vehicle platforms. ISA instructors are highly trained in advanced firearms instruction using multiple weapon systems, CQB, sniper training, crew-served weapons systems, and armored protection systems. Our training relies heavily on simulations based weapon systems for reality-based training scenarios. ISA has an onsite DOD/DOJ approved Armory for securing all weapons, ammunition, and sensitive items.

The ISA campus abuts Camp Blanding, home of the US Army 20th Special Forces Group. Camp Blanding has an extensive firearms range system that includes a modern IED detection course. Our training facility also adjoins a private airport that has military freefall and static line parachute capability.

Tactical Scenarios

  • ISA provides mission specific tactical training for CQC, vehicle ambush (with live fire), urban village stages, buddy recovery and evacuation measures.
  • ISA’s partnerships and facility make any training mission scenario possible.
  • ISA’s cadre have master skills in all tactical scenarios, mission experience, and hold world champion records in their fields.
  • Safety is the core foundation of all training and iterations are specific to each units unique training objectives.

Skills To Master

  • Running Gunfight
  • Vehicle Rollover Simulator; wounded teammate
  • Break Contact Tactics
  • Vehicle Commandeering Tactics
  • Counter Force-Off Tactics
  • Combat Driving Obstacles
  • Evacuate vehicle disabled by RPG attack with wounded teammate to small village
  • Hold off small arms ambush until another vehicle is located, load team and escape

Vehicular Ambush

  • Counter-Force-off Drills
  • Vehicle Intercept Techniques
  • Force-on-Force Transition Drills with Simunitions
  • Individual Movement & Protective Techniques
  • Battlefield Recovery Drills
  • Evasive Driving with SUV’s
  • Threat Recognition & High Speed Reverse Techniques
  • Dead Man Takeover & Bail Out Drills

Night Mobility Training

  • Night Mobility Level
  • Evasive Driving Drills
  • 8 universal principles of vehicle control
  • Evasive Driving Drills Under RPG Attack
  • Night Mobility Bailout
  • Wounded Teammate
  • Break Contact Drill during hours of darkness
  • Vehicle preparation light control
  • Risk assessment elements
  • Illumination risk awareness & evaluation

Counter Ambush

  • Counter Vehicle Ambush Tactics with Dead End Breakout Drills
  • Vehicle Sabotage Inspections
  • Route Reconnaissance Exercises
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Convoy Counter Ambush Drills in an Urban Area with Role Players and Wounded
  • Tactical Read & Cross-Leading Drills (under fire)
  • Gun-Truck Counter-Ambush Drills
  • Terminal Ballistics Windshield Drills

Live Fire Drills

  • Drills Inside Closed Static & Moving Vehicle
  • Right Passenger Side Glass/ Windshield /Back Glass
  • Break Contact Drills Using Vehicles for Cover
  • Vehicle Commandeering Drills While Engaging Attacker Vehicle Drills
  • Vehicle Commandeering with Towed Target Array
  • Drills Engaging Moving 3-D Targets
  • Vehicular Ambush Scenarios
  • Live-fire Shoot-No Shoot Drills

Tactical training | @The FIRM Rally School