Featured Build: John Van Buskirk- 2002 NB Mazda Miata | @The FIRM Rally School

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Featured Build: John Van Buskirk- 2002 NB Mazda Miata


𝕆𝕎ℕ𝔼ℝ: John Van Buskirk
IG: @chasing_laps

Year/Make/Model: 2002 NB Mazda Miata

Racing Class: NASA TT4

Engine: Mazda BP4W

Engine Modifications & “Power Adders”:
-Rotrex Supercharger kit from TDR
-Manley rods
-Wiesco pistons (9.5:1)
-MSPNP 3 Pro

Cooling Set-Up:
-East Street Racing triple pass radiator
-Supermiata coolant reroute
-TDR oil coolers (engine and sc)
-Singular hood vents

Horsepower & Torque: 230/200

Drivetrain: Stock 5sp, 4.1 Torsen

-Xida Coilovers. 1200/600
-V8Roadsters tubular control arms w/spherical bushings

Brake Set-Up:
-StopTech front/rear calipers
-G-LOC r12 front and rear pads
-Cingular front brake ducts
-MK60 abs from E46 BMW

Wheels &Tires (Brands & Sizes):
-Konig Dekagrams 15×10
-Hoosier R7 245/40/15
-Hankook RS4 245/40/15
-Konig Freeform 15×9.5
-Maxxis RC1 245/40/15

-Nine Lives Racing Swan Neck wing
-Custom chassis mount uprights
-Nine Lives Racing Damn Dam air dam
-Nine Lives Racing Splitter/Sturdy Boi mounts

-CAE Racing Shifter – one of my favorite mods
-Lifeline Novec fire suppression system

Lap Times (at The FIRM): 1:15s

Personal Best: 1:15.8

“My Miata build has been non-stop since I purchased it in 2017. Initially, I just wanted a track toy with less expensive consumables than my Mustang GT, and this ticked that box. After a while, I just wasn’t getting any quicker and knew I wanted more power. After a lot of research, I chose the Track Dog Racing Rotrex supercharger kit (highly recommended). After some setbacks, the car is now at the top of its game. I’ve managed to put down laps at The FIRM in the 1:15s, and 1:14s look to be a real possibility in cooler weather. At Sebring, 2:25s are within reach.

In the future, I hope to add a full cage and then a built transmission with custom gearing and a 3.9 final drive. With those additions, I may be able to call it ‘done’.”

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Featured Build: John Van Buskirk- 2002 NB Mazda Miata | @The FIRM Rally School