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Performance Driving School in Florida: Experience The FIRM

The FIRM’s performance driving school in Florida is a hidden gem for outdoor adventure and thrills away from crowded theme parks and beaches.

When you think of Florida, you probably think of warm weather, sandy beaches, Disney World, and cruise ships. 

It’s true! There are plenty of reasons to travel to Florida for a vacation in the summer or escape the snow in the winter.  

The lure of the Mouse is a thing of magic and visiting the Magic Kingdom is usually at the top of a family’s list of must-do Florida activities. 

There are also plenty of reasons to stay in Florida. Florida residents have easy access to numerous theme parks, beautiful blue water, and water activities galore are extremely attractive.   

The sunny and milder winter temperatures simply beg for outdoor activity! 

But what you may not think about are some of Florida’s hidden gems! 

There is excitement and adventure beyond theme parks, water activities, and warm weather nearly year-round. One of the bestkept secrets is The FIRM’s performance driving school in Florida! 

RallyPro performance driving school in Florida offering Rally School, Road Racing Classes, Off-Roading, and Teen Safety

There’s a Performance Driving School in Florida?

While you may not have heard about us, yet, our performance driving school shouldn’t be a secret. 

RallyPro Performance Driving School in Florida is part of the Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park boasting over 400 acres of motorsport bliss and over 20 miles of unlimited course configurations. 

Our driving school provides high-quality, one-on-one instruction to offer you the most immersive and personalized experience. Even repeat visitors find that their experience is never the same because their instruction changes as their abilities improve.  

Our instructors will assess your abilities and customize your performance driving class to suit your needs! 

Plus, our instructors have decades of experience in diverse motorsport backgrounds and military training which makes them the most technically skilled drivers in the world.   

What Does the Performance Driving School in Florida Offer?

We offer thrills and a chance to re-connect with your youth.  

Plus, we teach life-saving skills and improve your daily driving techniques all while having fun learning in our vehicles. 

The FIRM’s Performance Driving School in Florida is the perfect excuse to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.   

Our performance driving classes also make great experience gifts for adventure seekers of all kinds.   

We can teach road racing, rally driving, off-roading, and even offer a mashup for those interested in hosting corporate and team building events. 

Learn how to drive on a racetrack in one of our cars when you choose a road racing course.

This is an exciting course for the motorsport enthusiast who has dreamed of being a racecar driver.  After some classroom instruction, you’ll head out for real seat time on a real 1.6-mile racetrack!  We offer half-day to 2-day road racing classes. While most of our classes use either a Miata or 350Z, we do have a GTR upgrade option.   

Would you rather learn how to drive your own car at its limits?  Bring it to your class and you can save on your booking! 

Drive a rally car around the tree-lined rally stages in our rally school.

The thrill of sliding in the dirt isn’t the only thing you’ll gain from rally driving lessons!  

You’re going to learn how to navigate surface changes and push the limits of your driving skills. This course will test your endurance, but you’re going to leave with a smile on your face. 

The bonus?  Learning rally driving is beneficial for the average driver because you’ll learn to control your car more appropriately in unexpected situations in the real world. 

Learn slope maneuvers and hill climbs in our ATV/UTV course.

Not only is this course designed to be a great experience, but you’ll also advance your technical ATV/UTV skills on our unbeatable playground! Our option for the ATV/UTV Course includes a 2:1 student ratio to master off-roading skills or we can train you to teach your own ATV classes! 

Learn how to (really) use your 4X4 in our Extreme 4×4 Off-Road Courses.

20 miles of off-road trails boast a wooded playground with mud holes, steep climbs, descents, and articulation obstacles that will offer the ability to master off-road driving.  

This course offers one-to-one and up to three-to-one instruction that will be personalized according to your abilities. 

Teen drivers will learn life-saving skills in our teen driving class. 

We care about your teen’s safety and a teen driving class that only focuses on the skills necessary to receive a license just won’t cut it. While your teen won’t qualify for a driver’s license at the end of our class, he or she will learn advanced skills that will help them navigate, more safely, real-world driving situations with more confidence. Your teen will learn a variety of techniques, including the ability to safely navigatsurface changes and car control. 

Unexpected situations arise and with teens’ inexperience, our teen driving school could truly save their lives! 

We even have Corporate and Team Building Events!

If you’re looking for an executive retreat or corporate teambuilding event venue, we can customize many of our course offerings to create the perfect event.   

Whether you’re looking for a way to get out and learn something new, take a break from busy attractions, or want a truly memorable experience gift, we’ve got something almost everyone can enjoy. 

The FIRM’s Performance Driving School in Florida is located at the Keystone Heights Airport about 30 minutes outside Gainesville and 1 hour from Jacksonville We’re also an easy day trip from Orlando, Florida.   

If you’re up for thrills of epic proportions, we’re even a welcomed break from the crowded theme park destination vacation you’ve been planning. 

We’d make the perfect experience gift for someone looking for adventure, thrills, and fond memories. 

Set in a private location nestled among trees, imagine airplanes, a skidpad, rally cars, and a racetrack as backdrops for your photos! 

Awesome memories await you at our Performance Driving School in Florida! 

Are you ready? 

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Performance Driving School in Florida: Experience The FIRM | @The FIRM Rally School