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Open Track Day at The FIRM

Women of The FIRM: Mia LeRoux

THE DRIVER Name– Mia LeRoux Age– 17 Racing Number–  117 Affiliation (if team)- BSI Racing Sponsors– Hometown– Ocala, FL Occupation/Education level: College Student Years competing- <1 First Race– 5.01.2021 with … Continue reading → …

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Women of The FIRM: Mattea Freeman

The Driver- Name– Mattea Freeman Age– 29 Racing Number-  802 Affiliation (team)– Team Higher Ground Sponsors– N/A Hometown– Middlebury, Vermont Occupation– Automotive Technician / Business Owner Years competing- 6 Events … Continue reading → …

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red miata on track

What Are Time Trials?

So you want to race but don’t have a race car?   Time Trials may be just what you are looking for.  But what are time trials? You’ve competed in autocross, … Continue reading → …

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How to become a race car driver

How To Become A Race Car Driver

One question we have to answer a lot is from fans wanting to know how to become a race car driver. We get this question regularly and frankly, it usually … Continue reading → …

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experience gifts over things

The Best Experience Gifts in Florida

A shiny new car might make someone smile but not as often as a memorable trip or exciting event!  Why not consider giving unique experience gifts instead?  Are your gifts being returned or exchanged?  Are you hoping … Continue reading → …

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Giving team feedback in the workplace without sounding like a jerk!

Feedback In the Workplace To Develop Great Teams: Part Three 

To develop great teams, try giving thoughtful feedback in the workplace.  These tips will help you sound less like a jerk when providing valuable and effective team feedback. Team feedback is … Continue reading → …

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