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The Best Experience Gifts in Florida

A shiny new car might make someone smile but not as often as a memorable trip or exciting event!  Why not consider giving unique experience gifts instead? 

Are your gifts being returned or exchanged? 

Are you hoping for a more excited look on your gift recipient’s face? 

Are you tired of giving gifts that lose their novelty?   

You don’t want to give gift cards and think cash is impersonal. 

So, what do you get the person who has everything?   

We understand that choosing gifts can be hard, especially when deciding on gifts for people who have everything! 

You know the novelty of physical gifts wears off, eventually.  The hilarious t-shirt gets stuffed into the bottom of the drawer and forgotten. 

You’re all out of ideas because nothing is really exciting or memorable. 

That’s why many people are turning to gifting experiences over things!  And The FIRM has some of the best experience gift ideas. 

But first, we want to share a few reasons buying experience gifts instead of stuff just makes sense. 

People are opting for buying experiences over things; We've got the best experience gifts in Florida

3 Reasons Buying Experiences Over Things Rocks 

These are the top 3 reasons to consider giving unique experiences instead of physical gifts this year:

Happiness over material objects is temporary 

Think about it. 

You buy a new car and you’re excited to drive it.   

You are happy.  But that happiness fades.   

Stuff becomes ordinary and doesn’t bring us the same level of joy it did in the beginning. 

Relationships are not improved with material objects 

Sure, stuff might show status or wealth, but what does it truly bring to the table in terms of your social relationships? 

Not much.   

You’ll find that if anyone asks about your new special item, they’re likely going to ask about your experiences with it, right? 

Experiences can be shared with others and provide you with stories to tell others when it’s over! 

Stuff contributes to stress 

Do you know the effects of clutter on the mind? 

The presence of too much stuff (and the ensuing stress) can impact your ability to focus, increase anxiety, and have harmful effects on sleep! 

Simply put, having too much stuff increases stress and has negative impacts on your overall health. 

So, what do you do about it? 

Don’t Give Unwanted Gifts 

It helps to know what people don’t want in order to figure out what they do want. 

Finder compiled useful data about unwanted gifts in 2019.  Clothing and accessories were considered the worst gifts by nearly 45% of respondents. 

survey data unwanted gifts; why choose experiences over things

Survey data from

Give Experience Gifts! 

So, you don’t want to be the worst gift giver this year? 

And you don’t want to contribute to stress? 

The FIRM has the best and most unique experience gifts in Florida perfect for men, women, couples and teens seeking adventure!     

Our driving experiences will ensure your recipients will have a great time, learn a lot, and can even improve every day driving skills. 

Plus, you’ll help them create memories that won’t soon be forgotten! 

Check out what our performance driving school in Florida offers: 

Road Racing School 

This isn’t just any race car driving experience!  Our performance road racing courses are designed to teach you ultimate car control and push the limits of your driving skills. 

Our highly experienced instructors prepare our students for on-track driving, including driving the proper line, but we’ll improve their daily driving, too! 

Giving a performance road racing course as an experience gift includes the use of our vehicles.  But there is the option to use a personal vehicle allowing one to learn how to really get in tune with their own car. 

For anyone who has ever mentioned they would like to become a race car driver, this would be a great introduction.   

But it’s not limited to those who are seeking a competitive license.  Anyone just seeking the excitement of driving on a racetrack would enjoy this experience and prepare them for open track days! 

Rally Driving School 

Another exciting driving experience is The FIRM’s Rally School! 

Learning handbrake turns, the Scandinavian flick, and the thought of speeding through tree-lined roads in a rally car would certainly be worthy of a few good stories. 

If your loved one has ever wondered how to become a rally driver, this is one of the first places to start!   

While you won’t catch our students experiencing rally jumps, they’ll be challenged and excited throughout the day.  And, they’ll have a great foundation to take with them for rallycross or our Rally-X events. 

Subsequent rally school visits will build on and fine-tune skills necessary to have a more competitive edge in rally events. 

We believe regular commuters and track drivers should learn rally driving to help build confidence and abilities on the road and a road course. 

OffRoading School 

Giving an off-road driving experience may be the perfect gift for someone who wants to learn how to really use their 4×4! 

Using our vehicle, our off-road driving courses start with the basics of high and low range, weight transfer, traction management, and more.  Then, students will learn to master over 20 miles of trails complete with mud holes, steep climbs, descents, and articulation obstacles.  


Slope maneuvers, deep water crossing, and winching & recovery!   

This isn’t just any normal driving experience.  Students in our ATV/UTV class will learn valuable skills that will prepare them for using their equipment properly. 

Teen Driving Class 

Whether your teen is preparing for their driver’s license or already has some experience, our teen driving course makes the perfect experience gift! 

In our opinion, passing the exam and acquiring a driver’s license isn’t enough to keep teens safe on the road.  They don’t have enough real-world experience to make educated decisions while driving. 

This is where we come in!  Our teen driving course will give a teen “hands-on” driving experience in real-world situations.  We’re here to allow students to make “mistakes” and learn from them.  They’ll also learn about car control, avoiding distractions, and how not to overreact in a challenging situation. 

This course: 

  • Is available to ages 14 to 19 
  • Is not for obtaining a driver’s license 
  • Provides a stick shift vehicle to learn in 

Track Days 

For the car enthusiast who wants to put their car on a track, our open track days are a great way to get started! 

We hold track days most weekends and we are a welcoming group for new and returning motorsport enthusiasts.   

If your recipient is new to the track, make sure they understand how to get ready for a track day on our blog, including what to expect during a tech inspection.

For the track enthusiast who wants more track days, we also offer Annual Passes to provide the best deal.  Plus, driver’s club members receive additional discounts at The FIRM. 

The FIRM has a little something for nearly every adventure seeker allowing us to offer the perfect gifts for the person or couple who has everything!  

You are able to book a driving experience directly from our site or buy a gift card for the experience and let your recipient redeem and book for the date that works best for them.  Either way, they’re sure to love their experience gift and the memories they’ll take away with them! 

You’ll love the stories and knowing you contributed to increased happiness, less stress, and that you provided your recipient with memories that will last a lifetime.   

Greater confidence in their driving abilities from such a cool gift is a bonus! 

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The Best Experience Gifts in Florida | @The FIRM Rally School